Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creating Space

I've been purging material things.  My house is on the market as of this week.  I want for very little in my life, and I know this.  I'm aware that I live a pretty simple existence. ( I am by no means claiming to be a simple friends would laugh at me for that.) I like meaningful work; I like playing outside; I like good food and good drink.  And that's pretty much what I need.  A good dog?  Bonus.  My Beautiful Friends?  More than bonus.  Right now?  The ability to run free and without limitation is enough.

What am I letting into this space that I'm creating?  I'm looking for fierce companions who not only acknowledge their own worth and beauty, but who are willing to truly see those around them.  I will make some missteps along the way and continue to let in people who feign these qualities, but, for the most part, my bullshit meter is pretty attuned these days.  I'm looking for fearlessness, honesty, courage, brilliance, and the ability to be both interested and interesting.  I'm not reserving spaces for anyone in particular, but I am hugely open to experience, and welcoming human connection.  I'm interested in intimacy and connection with people who are unafraid and who are not harboring allegiance to storylines that don't serve them.  I want genuine, authentic connections.  I want rich communication.  I want transparency and the joy and freedom that accompanies this.  This is what I want to fill my space with.  I don't need "things"; I need purposeful and real spaces to inhabit with people who are on this same journey.  If I can meet people honestly, and without artifice?  And they can meet me in this same place?  Then this space I'm creating is filled to the brim with everything I could possibly want and need.

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