Friday, March 25, 2011

Uncertainty as an Ally

This evening's yoga theme carried forward the thoughts I've been wrestling with this week (hell, that I've been wrestling with for a while now).  The word of the evening was "uncertainty"--and the instructor shared a quote from Douglas Brooks that referenced the necessity of making uncertainty your ally...then acknowledged that he was still working on the "how" of this.  I was thankful for that side bar.  The how is the tricky part.

Tonight uncertainty is keeping me good company, and I see that we're working together for something pretty cool.  Tomorrow, however, it may trip me up, make me lose my focus and fall on my face.  These things seem to work themselves out, yes?  Amazing how much support you find around you at any given moment.  And, on occasion, it's good for me to simply lay it all down for a bit.  Maybe we all should?  Just for a moment here and there, before picking ourselves back up and soldiering on?

I think uncertainty and I are going to get some really cute matching uniforms.

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